About us

We are from Mazovia. For over 20 years we have been working in various music bands from the genre of Black Metal, Ambient / Folk, and in the distant past also in identity projects. Our history with the scene dates back to the 90’s.

About Stronghold

In 2017 we decided to do something interesting for the tradition and the Polish scene, creating the Stronghold brand. We have produced three different high-quality t-shirts with DTG prints in Slavic, Nordic and European styles. In 2020 We came back with another fresh project and released a great new T-shirt “Against modern world” which we are extremely pleased with.

Exactly that quality is our priority from the very beginning. We assume that it is better to create a more expensive but better quality product and enjoy its use longer.

The quality of the material and printing on our T-shirts is really at a very high level. And because it is a niche clothing, produced in limited quantities and intended for a selected group of recipients, it certainly also has a collector’s value.

We are open to any exchanges and other forms of cooperation. We are also happy to give away free t-shirts to people who would like to advertise us in some way, and have competences to do so, e.g. a large range and contacts on social networks. Come on, we do not like this form of promotion, it is probably becoming the norm in various circles these days.

Together with the recently released “Against Modern World” T-shirt, we decided to go with the website and online store (still under construction), very basic for now.

We are systematically expanding our store with new items and building a distribution consisting not only of clothing, but also music carriers.

In addition, we also produce various types of gadgets, i.e. patches, stickers, pins, etc.

Our plans – New T-shirts and music releases

In addition to the production of t-shirts, we will soon start publishing music.

In the near future, a new, women’s version of the “Against …” T-shirt will be released and it will be released on a company with another label two music items on CD and cassette tape. These will be highly collector’s editions of two Black Metal bands, available in limited versions.

We would also like to point out that, as the STRONGHOLD brand, we are not interested in political propaganda. We only want to be part of the European and Slavic tradition, which is / will be visible in some (not all) products.

We hope that we have introduced you to the profile of our “Fortress”.

Until next time!

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