New flyer – Underground publications from the black metal fortress

OLD LESHY – Pośród Monumentalnych Szczytów 12’LP –
Black and Clear (In collaboration with Werewolf Promotion)
Limit: 300 copies

Zjednoczeni Braterską Krwią (In cooperation with Act of Hate)
Limit: 250 copies

FROSTY TORMENT – Death in Icy White CD
with a limited slipcase version
Limit: 500 copies

OLD LESHY – Pośród Monumentalnych Szczytów Cassette
Tape PRO with a limites slipcase version and with two-sided
painting (In cooperation with Werewolf Promotion)
Limit: 100 copies

Stronghold Clothes and Music – Label, Distro, Merch

Merch Released: Old Leshy, Krypta Nicestwa, Evilfeast, Moontower, Solar Wisdom, Thurthul, Venedae,Blood Stronghold, Beyond Time, Frosty Torment,
Hatefrost, Rivers Like Veins, Likvann…

Split 7 ″ EP Old Leshy / Frosty Torment / Hatefrost
Black Metal T-Shirts

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